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Primary, Secondary, & JC Tuition

PLC specializes in English, Maths, Science and Accounting
tuition for Pri to JC level.

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Premier Mentors

The PLC mentors have vast experience
that ensures not just academic, but
also lifetime success.

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Winning Formula

The PLC Formula consist of 4 main
elements -Autodidact, Practice Testing,
Peer Learning & Mentoring.

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"Before my tuition, I could not get any Principles of Accounting concepts through my head. I kept failing, getting F9s. It was a frustrating year. So I decided to get tuition lessons and came across Mr Roy Chen from Protégé Learning Centre. Trading, profit and loss were my worst and it's now my best. He helped me a lot with his method of teaching and now, I am the top student in my class."

- Keeran Broysten, Yio Chu Kang Secondary School (Sec 4 'N' Levels), Candidate for PFP

Yes! Your child can achieve more, BUT...

Before we tell you why Protégé Learning Centre (PLC) is the right choice for your child, it is important to understand what is limiting your child's learning capacity. Most of the schools and tuition centres in Singapore today are using similar methods when it comes to teaching, but these so-called conventional methods have their drawbacks!

The Spoon-feeding approach

This means a step-by-step guidance where the teachers become the ‘shield’ for the students, preventing them from making mistakes and learning from them as much as possible.

Students are seldom granted the freedom to explore using their own capabilities and imagination.

Thus, this results in:

  • Robotic and inflexible thinking process.
  • Over-reliance; students will always expect someone to be there for them when there is something they cannot resolve.

The bad habits mentioned above can easily be carried over to other aspects of the students' life and well into their future.
As a parent, you will want your child to be Independent.




Boring and non-interactive

Sitting in a classroom and listening to the teacher's teachings quietly is what students go through in most schools and tuition centres. There is also the common mentality that 1-to-1 tuition works better than group learning. Well it may be true for some students depending on individual needs (that is why we provide private tuition as well), some teachers just do not provide enough thought-provoking lesson plans.

As a result, this will:

  • Limit creative thinking
  • Limit opportunities to interact and brainstorm
  • Limit breakthrough in thought processes

In short, working on assignments and studying in an environment with limited interaction will not challenge a student's mind enough to reap the full benefits of learning.



Fear factor

Does your child enjoy learning? Is he/she studying just to avoid the consequences of not reaching expectations? If the answer is yes, then BEWARE! A psychological barrier is forming and this could prove to be your child's biggest obstacle to academic success.

Let's face it, many parents and teachers are guilty of resorting to reprimanding, or punishing the child/student when expectations are not met or mistakes are made. This will instil fear and make learning a dreadful process for the child. Do not turn your child into an education slave!


Why PLC?

Just like a protégé receiving training from a mentor with great wisdom, knowledge and experience, every child who steps into Protégé Learning Centre will receive guidance and coaching that is more than what he/she gets from a mere student-teacher relationship. All students will be taught based on these 4 core learning techniques:

(1) Autodidact (2) Practice Testing (3) Peer Learning and (4) Mentoring. (find out more in 'About Us').

We train your child to be Independent, Creative, Flexible, Team-oriented and someone who truly Enjoys Learning.

-- Fun learning can leave a deeper impression in the students’ mind and trigger flexible and creative thinking instead of just memorizing the solutions. We have seen students memorizing ‘model answers’ for the sake of it too many times and this has got to stop!

Note: We are not manufacturing robots here; we are cultivating talents at one of the best tuition centres in Singapore!

-- Our small group tuition system (6-8 students/class) at our Bishan tuition centre encourages students to work in groups of 3 - 4. This will cultivate peer learning and also add a fun element through frequent interactions and brain storming sessions with fellow classmates.

-- Learning from constructive mistakes is the most basic, yet fundamental part of the human life cycle. Think back to a situation when your child was trying something for the very first time; learning how to walk, how to ride a bicycle or how to swim, etc. Failure during the first few tries is inevitable. So how did your child eventually pick up these skills? By learning from the mistakes that they made, of course!

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